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International Red Blends

Over the course of several wine festivals and in-office tastings, the Wine Battles Tasting Crew sampled more than 70 battle-hopefuls from around the world. A number of talented Winemakers left us amazed and speechless, using blending techniques that are uniquely theirs and grapes that reflect their vision and terroir...yet, only four made the cut.

There is simply no better way to experience wine than our Battle of the Month Wine Club. Wine is our passion and we know that it only gets better when you share it with the people you love. Each month explore, learn and experience two wines with the people you love.
Explorer Level Battle of the Month Club
Each month you will receive 2 bottles ranging from $20-$35 each bottle and battle materials. More Info
Each month you will receive 2 bottles ranging from $35-$50 each bottle and battle materials. More Info
Each month you will receive 2 bottles ranging from $50-$65 each bottle and battle materials. More Info
  • Washington_examiner_new.jpg
    A fun and unique wine tasting equivalent of a multiplayer online game is (prices vary).
  • Rivera.jpg
    The drinking game gets an upgrade with Wine Battles, the new tournament style drinking game formed by two S.D. locals.
  • Ceremony.jpg
    When March Madness meets wine, everyone’s a winner in a Wine Battle! Wine Battles are the perfect way to enjoy fine wines, expand your knowledge and share in a fabulous experience with your friends.
  • San_diego.jpg
    Call it divine bodily intervention. A gluten allergy found local San Diegan Mike O’Brien beerless and thirsty, so he got deeper into wine. Now, he's married America's office-pool love of March Madness with the traditional wine-tasting experience. The concept is call..
  • Food_republic_new.jpg
    Wine Battles is the drinking game for adults who want to develop their palates and broaden their wine knowledge. Unlike Quarters and Beer Pong, the goal isn’t to get smashed. It’s to get intimately familiar with a particular grape varietal, while showing up your frien..
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    Wine Battles "pits pairs of vintages against each other in a battle for tannic supremacy and asks that budding oenophiles act as color commentators and scorekeepers. The idea is to make drinking wine fun again."
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    "They move the ball forward on understanding, and not just drinking..."
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    You can rest assured that the wines you'll taste in this game represent the best of the best!
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    Nation’s leader and innovator in wine brings the country the newest entertaining experience for the wine curious—it is called Wine Battles.
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    Wine Battles makes sipping grapes accessible and fun, allowing anyone feel like a professional sommelier among friends.

What our users say:


"It's the best idea for a girls night! We catch up, drink fabulous wine, and experience something new each week!" - Rachel K.


"Wine Battles has been so fun for my husband and I. It’s made our cocktail hour much more educational and something fun to do after the kids are in bed!" - Shawn R.

Coming Battles

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