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  • What people are saying
  • Best thing to happen to wine since the cork.
    Napa Valley Herald
  • I am so excited to join the "Push Your Palate" Battle!
    San Diego, CA
  • This is simply a great idea, I can't wait until the Battle begins.
    Salinas, CA
  • Count me in for every Battle!
    Reno, NV
How It Works
What is Wine Battles?

Welcome to the Wine Battles revolution, where everyday connoisseurs and budding oenophiles explore amazing new wines, interact socially with respected vintners, and engage in the only competitive social event that turns wine tasting into a riveting competition!

As a battler, you’ll discover the exclusive competing vintages, gain a deeper understanding of your personal tastes and create a personal tasting profile. You will learn through the wisdom of our esteemed wine makers while improving your ranking within the wine community. In the end, there can be only one Wine Battles Champion. Each week, you decide which wines deserves to move on and which will be eliminated from the competition.


Choose Your Battle
Grab a partner or fly solo (heck…more wine for you), browse our upcoming battles, and sign up for your favorite! Each battle includes two seats, allowing for one or two members to taste, rate, and experience wine in an entirely new way. With an array of styles and varietals, we’re bringing an entirely new meaning to the age-old adage, "choose your battles wisely."
Savor Your Wine
Roughly one week before the fun begins, you’ll receive your first shipment of wine. Included are step-by-step instructions, exclusive winemakers’ notes, a charming question-based tasting guide, and all the wine you’ll need to start your Battle! The bottles chosen for each initial matchup have been carefully curated by a team of savvy connoisseurs, giving you an extremely rare opportunity to develop your wine profile and taste contrasting vintages side-by-side.
Pick Your Winners
During a lively evening infused with culture and fun, you’ll rate each wine using the five-construct system outlined in the Battle Guide. And then the real battle begins! After enjoying both vintages, you’ll log into your battle accounts to show off your newly acquired knowledge and vote for the wine you liked best. Ultimately, only one can be crowned the battle victor, so make sure your voice is heard!
Celebrate the Victor
Log back in on Monday to view the results, and check your updated battle ranking…when you choose the winning wine, your individual rank moves up and you’re given formal bragging rights and the permission to gloat publicly!

See how your friends voted, swap notes, and celebrate the victory by receiving a 25% discount on all battle wines…everybody wins!